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The providers of any tax strategy facilitated engage with the client under whatever regulatory regime is appropriate.

We’ve been helping people since 2004

Wealth Protection International Limited was founded in 2004 to help the providers of tax strategies to get their complex message over to the public and to help such people find their way through the sometimes daunting paperwork required to provide them with access to what are sophisticated and “different” ways of “doing things”.

Over the last ten years we have probably helped thousands of people save many millions of pounds in taxation using perfectly legal methods which those people might never have found out about otherwise.  Just because such methods seem “too good to be true” does not mean they can’t be true or are “wrong” in some way - they quite simply work.

If you have a tax problem we probably have the solution

Don’t scratch around the Internet…...

There are all sorts of scams and schemes that abound on the Internet and their presence makes our job of showing you the “right” way of doing things all the more harder - we wouldn't have been doing what we do for over ten years had we been doing things “wrong”, nor would the providers of the tax strategies we represent have been doing what they do either - so, talk to us please, don’t scrap around looking for “schemes” - they WILL be “wrong”.

YOU are not a tax expert, don’t try to be

Pay SOME Tax rather than NO Tax

HMRC probably WILL look at any tax strategy you decide to use so don’t think you can “do stuff” under the radar, you cannot and should not try to do so.

The best way to attract the attention of HMRC is to pay no tax at all - the strategies we provide could in fact achieve that - so arrange things so that you pay SOME Tax rather than NO Tax.

Be sensible and you will have no problems.

What should I do if…….?

HMRC are entitled to check your accounting - fact.

HMRC are usually jolly helpful; they might send you a letter that reads as if you are about to be marched off to The Tower of London but that is just their way.  If you use a tax strategy we have assisted you in implementing then it comes with free support for you from the team of lawyers and tax specialists who designed the strategy in the first place.  So if HMRC take an interest in your use of such a strategy then help is at hand. The fact is that HMRC know these strategies too; their interest in you and your use of them is simply nothing more than the fact that they are doing their job.

Don’t correspond with HMRC

It doesn’t matter what the letter in the brown envelope says - do not reply.

Send it to the contact name you have been given at the strategy provider’s offices and they will deal with it for you at no cost to you whatsoever.

Don’t try and be too clever

The implementation team will provide you with comprehensive operating instructions for the strategy you use when implementation completes.  So long as you follow the rules everything will be fine.  Try and become a tax specialist overnight and do things your way and you will sink.

Experience and Track Record

Usually you will be using a strategy that has been in constant use for over 20 years and which we have been facilitating for 10 years, so there’s not much we don’t know about when it comes to the How’s, Why’s and Whatnot’s associated with the strategies concerned.

Backed up with solid support from the Lawyers and Tax Specialists who invented the strategies in the first place and you can have a considerable degree of confidence that things will run smoothly for you.