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The client engages with the providers of a tax strategy protected by whatever regulatory and indemnity regime is appropriate.

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Income & Profit Protection

Income Tax, Corporation Tax and Dividend Tax are a constant worry for the entrepreneur whose effort, hard work and commitment to their business seems to be penalised at every step.

Specific Protection

Selling your business; selling overseas property; “death bed” tax planning; succession planning; personal and corporate asset reassignment; pre-nuptial and marital agreements etc.

Estate & Retirement Protection

Inheritance Tax is the perpetual tax and applies from generation to generation; one’s pension is constantly under threat from failing investment management and taxation at all stages.

Asset Protection

Investments of any description amassed by an individual or business are vulnerable to capital taxation and possible sequestration for settlement of a wide variety of unfriendly interests.

Reduce Income Tax and Save Corporation Tax by using a Remuneration Trust.

Remove Capital Gains Tax and save Inheritance Tax by using an Asset Protection Trust.

Tax Strategies are not just for the super wealthy

Just because the asset value you own or your income doesn’t have lots of zeros attached does not mean you cannot protect yourself from paying more tax than you feel you ought to be.

If your gross income or profit is greater than £60,000 per annum and/or you have net asset value in excess of £60,000 then you can protect against all associated capital and income taxation to a lesser or greater extent using pretty straight forward tax strategies or more sophisticated and aggressive methods if needs be, the choice is yours.

Remove Inheritance Tax altogether for future generations and investigate more direct control over the investment of your pension assets using regulated alternatives via qualified specialists.

Whatever your tax problem there is a legal and effective solution for you to use.

“Whether it is Personal or Business taxation that worries you doesn’t matter, there are ways and means to limit, reduce or remove any such taxation perfectly legally if you want to do so”

My Accountant says…..

In general Accountants do a great job using run of the mill accounting methods to minimise taxation BUT few are specialists in the application of legal and legitimate tax planning techniques many of which have been around for over 20 years and which have worked and continue to work perfectly for thousands of people.

What can I save…?